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18 October 2010 @ 11:30 pm

Its just an application I found its tutorial online and I tried to do it .. well I guess its not bad after all .. I'm getting addicted to 3D MAX. Can't wait to make a character modeling on it *feels excited* 

Here's the chair before rendering

The Rendered Version

Its's missing the material .. well, I got lazy to figure it out so I just went with coloring it only

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08 October 2009 @ 02:53 am
Well, I never thought that my first post will be having such a bad news *sigh*
Now I'm so sick, having a fever, feeling so dizzy, body hurts as hell and sleeping most of the time... damn such a bad timing before school T-T

Anyway I'm writing this to inform everyone that I'll be away for awhile cause I can't even use my laptop, I'm sorry T-T ... but they took my laptop away from me to make me rest in bed sleep, and I begged mum to make me use it just now to post this. I logged on MSN too to tell you, Niki... but I didn't find you on, that's why I'm posting this.

Ja I'm leaving now cause my headache is getting stronger now ... Ja wait for me
Ah it took me an hour just to write this! damn fingers hurt so much T-T
17 September 2009 @ 08:40 am
Well I'm doing this cause Niki was like I TAGGED YOU GO AND DO IT NOW ... so I had no other choice XD

1.Which Arashi member are they most like?
Hmm .. Nino ... cause she is evil just like him XD .. btw she loves it when she is called evil XD 

2.Which Arashi member do you think they would be most compatible with based on personality? (not by who their favorite is)
Isn't it Nino too?!! *runs* XD

3.What Arashi song best describes this person and why?
A song describes Niki?! ... Eh~ .. well I don't know but it's more like reminding me of her not describes her and it's love situation cause when we first talked we were fangirling togeher over this song XD

4.What is the first drama you saw with an Arashi member.
Hana Yori Dango .. DOMYOUJI - SAMA

5.List your… OTP
JUNTOSHI ---> Sakumoto ---> Matsumiya ---> Yamapair ---> Sakumiya ---> Sakuraiba ---> Junba ---> Aimiya ---> Masatoshi ---> and the very last is Ohmiya

6.closet (secret) OTP
Hmm Can I say .. Jun/Shun!! XD

7.Top 3 Arashi songs
TOP 3?!! O_O ... *thinks hard* well I think I can choose "Paretto" , "Love Situation" and "Carnival Night" ... But that's not fair there are LOTS MOREE T-T 

8.Least favorite Arashi songs
Wave" and "Pikanchi"

9.Rank the Arashi boys in order of who has the cutest smile
JUN (Takes the first place of course) XD ...Then .. SHO (Love that guy's smile) Then Comes Aiba  then Ohno and last is Nino

10.If you could reorganize the Arashi color code, which color would you assign each member?
I don't want to ... I like their original colors

11.Which Arashi members would make the best stars of shoujo, shounen, and yaoi anime (cannot use the same member more then once)
Shoujo is Jun of course
Shounen ... Nino?! O_O 
Yaoi .. Well that would sound weird but it's Sho I want to see him in such a role O_O 

12.If you could replace any member as the actor in any other member's work, who would you swap? (For example, Aiba as Domyouji, Sho as Tarou ect) 
I want to see Jun as Naruse in Maou AAH SEXY HOT EVIL JUN XD ... and Sho as Momo in Kimi wa petto XD  

13.Who would you want as a crossdressing model, a cosplay model, and an underwear model (can't use same Arashi member twice)
Crossdressing model ---> Jun
Cosplay model ---> Ohno
Underwear Model ---> Sho

14.If your OTP could star in a bl (boy love) movie of your choice which genre would it be and what would the title be?
O_O I don't know ... but I want it to be something not high rated to I can watch it XD .. and it has to be Jun and Ohno of course

15.If Ohno were a doughnut, what flavor would he be?
Powdered strawberry filled one ..Yummy Yummy Ohno XD but what ... why Ohno is a Doughnut anyway O_O

16.Two Arashi members get locked inside a room for five minutes. Who are they and what do they end up doing?
JUN AND OHNO OF COURSE ... what do they end up doing?!! Are you sure you want to know the answer of this?!! *smirks* XD

17. Favorite picture of your (arashi) Ichiban
EH!!! But I have three ichibans!!! well so I will post one for each *searches* 

OMG Look at his beautiful smile *-*


This picture gives me a GREAT feeling

And Last is

Awww ... how can't you love such a pic!!!

18. Favorite picture of your OTP?

Damn ... can't they get closer XD

19.Favorite Arashi picture?
Ah so love *-* 

20. Favorite NON Arashi member picture?
Okay ... Thanks to Niki now I have lost of favorite NON arashi member AND NOW YOU ARE ASKING FOR ONLY ONE!!! NO WAY 



GACKT *faints* 

21.Arashi picture you would not show your Grandma?
Well not only Grandma ... BUT NO ONE CAN SEE THIS HERE XD

*Stares at the Money down there* XD

PHEW Finally I'm done O_O ... I never thought answering questions is that tiring O_O